Nearness To or Distance From


Ink jet prints mounted on Dibond

38” x 30” each

Nearness To or Distance From consists of a series of abstracted, candid portraits of tourists visiting the Grand Canyon. These individuals were standing about a kilometre away from my camera on an adjacent cliff, unaware that their imprint — however ghostly and lacking in detail — was making its way into my camera. In post-production, I zoomed into the iconic landscape in my pictures and plucked out the tiny portions of information describing these humans. Through a process of printing, scanning, and reprinting, the results reveal an ink dot patterns that is reminiscent of pointillism. It’s as if these people could have been stolen from the background of a Seurat painting, where they had been forgotten.

These spectres prompt us to think about our mark in the world, our presence, even when insignificant and unseen. The process of looking at this work is a meditation on the act of seeing and the difficulty of knowing what it is we see.