light piece installation.jpg

Untitled Light Piece


Plexiglas, photo-transparencies, fluorescent lights

70" x 120" 

The Untitled Light Piece was created from photographic images taken of people standing in their apartment windows in Vancouver. The buildings were shot digitally from afar, cropped, and printed individually to create an assortment of building blocks.  The images were then stacked and pasted to Plexiglas, making a sort of light quilt. This structure acknowledges its own transparency.  By keeping the back exposed, the piece acts like a curtain, veil or façade, only attempting to hide what is behind it but never fully succeeding. As a result, the shallow space created by the diffused, backlit images suggests a kind of liminality – one that forces the silhouetted figures into a space that is neither inside nor outside, but somehow on the threshold between two realms.